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VentusBusiness -> Exporting High Res Images (3/1/2006 10:41:21 AM)

Hello there! & HELP!

I can't seem to export a picture from (The Big Box of Art 410,000) without it pixilating. I choose the pic, go to Export Wizard where it allows me to enlarge the pic to 300 dpi and size it to 9" without an error message, leaving me to believe this is actually possible. However, when I pull it into Quark and save the doc as a .pdf, the photo is pixilated like it never help on to the 300dpi status. It stands to reason that its because I enlarged the photo. Is there ANY WAY to keep the photo from pixilating OR is there a place where I can purchase these 5 photos I've chosen in a larger format so I can finish this project?

Thanks and under deadline,

PamE -> RE: Exporting High Res Images (3/1/2006 11:47:58 AM)

Unfortunately you are out of luck.

Generally, Hemera image collections contain either one or all of the following types of images (with pixel dimensions).

*Photo-Objects® images 600x600 pixels
*Photo Clip Art images 512x512 pixels
*Photographs 500x700 pixels
*Vector clip art images Our vector clip art is scaleable to any size if used in a program that supports vector clip art.
*Raster illustrations 500x700 pixels
*Textured photos 600x600 pixels

So, they are too small (i.e. the largest any of them are is 500 x 700 pixels, which is much too small to try to stretch to 9 inches) and will pixilate as you increase them beyond their standard size.

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