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lindarobin -> inexpensive professionally printed 2-page layouts for a mini-album (3/26/2007 10:19:38 PM)

Full colour printing at a price that can't be beat: Order 4x6 digital prints online or at your local photolab.

Create a 2-page layout that will be printed on two 4x6 prints for less than 50 cents!

In CKSD, open a new blank page, landscape orientation. Draw two rectangles, each 4x6. Design your scrapbook pages within these rectangles. Don't put any elements too close to the edge that will probably get cut off when the photolab makes your prints. They enlarge and crop your digital file to ensure full-bleed printing.

Group the elements for each rectangle and export as JPG. Make sure you select a high resolution for quality printing ie. 4x6 at 300 dpi which is the same as 1200x1800 pixels.

Now you have JPGs ready to upload to a online photolab or save on a flash drive/ CD/ camera card and take it to the store.

Display your prints in a photo album that places two prints side-by-side. What could be easier?[:)]

Here is what my two 4x6's look like, side-by-side:


(For this layout, I created my design on one 8x6 rectangle and "cut it in half" to get two JPGs for 4x6 printing.)

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