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To find quick answers to Technical Support questions,

you can visit Encore's Technical Support Knowledgebase by clicking on the link below



by clicking on the 'Knowledgebase' link at the top of any forum page.


The first page you will see will be the 'Welcome to Encore Support' web page.

To access Knowledgebase information about a specific product, click on the 'Technical Support' button.

* When the 'Technical Support' web page is displayed,

type the name of your product into the 'Search for Product by Keywords:' box,

then click on the 'Go' button.

* When the list of products is displayed, click on the name which matches your product.

NOTE: If your product is not listed, that means that support is no longer provided for your product.

* Search through and read the articles provided for your product.

* Support options are provided only at the end of each support article.

* If a support article offers an 'Online Support Request' link,
click on that link, fill in the form, type the Word Verification, click on 'Submit'.

NOTE: #1 If there is no 'Online Support Request' link at the bottom of the support article,
that means that support is no longer provided for your product.

NOTE: #2 If, after clicking on 'Submit' you receive an error message which says,
"We're sorry, but U.S. laws do not allow us to record your information,"
that means that your internet security suite is blocking the process.
So, it will be necessary for you to try again
- but, only after temporarily disabling your internet security suite.

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