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Brandy redux -> *Find the "New Post" button (6/4/2007 3:15:49 PM)

The #1 most important point to keep in mind about finding the "New Post" button is that you must register for the forum first - because guests on the forum will never see a "New Post" button.

But, after registering on the forum, the easiest way to find the "New Post" button would be to first click on the link below

'Welcome to the Encore Support Forums'

then click on one of the links in the 'Product Forums' section,

(i.e. Productivity Software, Games, Education Software, or Utility Software)

then click on the sub-forum which most closely matches the software product you want to ask about.

Or, if you would like to view all products, you could just click on the 'Product Forums' link.

Click on sub-forums until you have selected the sub-forum which most closely matches the problem you are asking about.

For example, if your question is about a Print Shop printing problem, click on the 'Print Shop' link, then click on the 'Printing Specific Issues' link.

A quicker way to find the "New Post" button is to use the "Jump to:" box at the lower right corner of the page. Click on the down arrow next to the "Jump to:" box, select the sub-forum which most closely matches BOTH the software product AND problem you are asking about, then click on Go.

If you don't see a "Jump to:" box at the lower right corner of the page, click the subject title (above the date) of any message on the page. After you are taken to the message page, you should find the "Jump to:" box at the bottom of that page.

NOTE #1: The "New Post" button should be used ONLY when you want to start a discussion about a NEW subject that you have not previously discussed on the forum. If you would like to post a reply to one of your earlier discussions, please find that discussion then click on the "Post Reply" button.

NOTE #2: If you see that the "Post Reply" button is greyed out, that means that that discussion has been locked to prevent any additional messages from being posted in that discussion. So, the only alternative would be to use the "New Post" button to start a new discussion.

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