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LindaHTX -> Saving scrapbook page as a JPEG for the web (6/5/2007 7:33:43 AM)

I just purchased the Keepsakes Scrapbook Deluxe, and was wondering, is there any way to save the file as a jpeg, so it can be used on a web page? I've tried and tried ways to save, but nothing comes up but a PDF, or something else, I don't remember what it's called. Can anyone help me? this isn't going to be nearly as useful to me if I can't save it and use it the way I want, besides printing a scrapbook page. Thanks!

lindarobin -> RE: Saving as a JPEG (6/5/2007 10:33:11 AM)

File| Export As.... click the Save As Type drop down arrow, choose JPG. Type in new pixel dimensions in the Image Size box. I recommend under 800 pixels for height and width. There's no need for it to be larger than screensize unless you want people to download and print your JPG.

LindaHTX -> RE: Saving as a JPEG (6/5/2007 1:23:14 PM)

I DID IT!!! Thanks so much, LindaRobin! I went back and worked on it, and realized what you meant. I can't thank you enough! Woohoo! I'm excited now! (Can you tell? lol)

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