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Brandy redux -> *"New Post" vs "Post Reply" (11/28/2007 3:08:58 PM)

The #1 most important point to keep in mind about finding the "New Post" and "Post Reply" buttons is that you must register for the forum first - because guests on the forum will never see a "New Post" or a "Post Reply" button.


The "New Post" button should be used ONLY when you want to start a discussion about a NEW subject that you have not previously discussed on the forum.

For help with finding the "New Post" button, click on this link

Find the "New Post" button


If you would like to post a reply in one of your earlier discussions, or if you would like to post a suggested solution in a discussion started by another registered forum user, please find that discussion then click on the "Post Reply" button. Please DO NOT use the "New Post" button for this purpose.

The "Post Reply" button can be found at both the Top and Bottom of all discussions on the forum.

It is also possible to reply to another registered forum user's post by clicking on the "Reply" link in the upper right corner of any post.

Please do NOT use the "Post Reply" button to post a question of your own in a discussion with a problem which is similar to your problem. Instead, please use the "New Post" button to start your own discussion.

NOTE: If the "Post Reply" button is greyed out and not active, that means that that discussion has been locked by moderators to prevent replies from being posted - because that discussion has been considered to be closed.

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