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mabloodhound -> Photo edge transparency (1/22/2008 1:07:27 PM)

I spent the most of today trying to find a way in Print Shop Pro Pub. 22 to make the edges of a photo become transparent or faded (blended) in a project. It might also be called feathering, but the object is to have the edges less sharp and be able to fade (blend) better into a background shape that I've added.
I have an old program (MGI PhotoSuite) that had this feature where you could specify the edge transparency and how much and it could be faded (blended) with a slider. This even allowed me to creat panoramics by "stitching" two photos together using the edge fading slider.
Is this possible with PS 22? I tried the Advanced photo editor from ACD systems and read their forums without any answer. Although the version used in PS 22 is only 3.1.
I would appreciate any suggections. Or I'll have to go back to my pre 2K software. I included a photo here that I did the edge fading on using the old MGI PhotoSuite software so you can see what I'm trying to do in PS 22.


Brandy redux -> RE: Photo edge transparency (1/22/2008 1:34:20 PM)

Hi maboodhound,

In Print Shop 22, edge effects are accomplished by doing this:

1. Select the photo, then click on 'Effects' in the left toolbar.

2. When the menu drops down, select 'Apply Special Effect'.

3. You will see that the 'Soft Edges' tab is selected by default. And, you will see that there are degrees of soft edges that can be selected.

mabloodhound -> RE: Photo edge transparency (1/23/2008 6:32:46 AM)

Thanks Brandy
That's exactly what I wanted. Before posting this I had searched the help menues, contents using search for edges, effects, etc. and not one ever listed this solution. I'm dissappointed that the Help in PS22 is so limited.
Thanks again

Brandy redux -> RE: Photo edge transparency (1/23/2008 1:12:02 PM)

Hi maboodhound,

What you were looking for actually is in the Help in PS22. It's under the Help topic titled 'Adding or Modifying a Special Effect'.

lindarobin -> RE: Photo edge transparency (1/23/2008 4:25:00 PM)

Be sure to check out the help tutorials, especially the Photo Workshop one. You'll learn a lot more about what this program can do for your photos with a quick tutorial.

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