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hayley -> resizing photo without distorting (1/26/2008 7:27:08 PM)

When I resize a photo using the right click, go to size, enter dimensions option, will that distort my photo? It does not appear as though they are distorted but I know sometimes things look differently on the screen than they do when they are printed (I can't print right now). Also, is holding down the ctrl key while adjusting the points on the photo itself keeping it from distorting? I realize that I can right click on the image, go to advance photo editor, then check the preserve aspect ratio box but I need to play with it a little within the 4 x 6 area view.

Brandy redux -> RE: resizing photo without distorting (1/26/2008 8:35:42 PM)

Hi hayley,

When you want to resize a photo, all you have to do is to click on a CORNER grab handle then drag. When you do the CORNER grab handle resize, Print Shop will always preserve the aspect ratio.

hayley -> RE: resizing photo without distorting (1/26/2008 9:01:22 PM)


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