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traylor1 -> Installing on OSX 10.5 (4/13/2008 9:25:13 AM)

I no longer am running Mac OS9. I am running version 10.5.w of Mac OS X.

I have my old copy of photo objects 50,000 and would like to run it. However, I downloaded the update for OSX and install it, but the machine is still reading the Classic version of Photo Objects. I see no way of running the program.

Can anyone give me a tip on what to do with this?


Brandy redux -> RE: Installing on OSX 10.5 (4/13/2008 12:23:10 PM)

Hi traylor1,

This is what the Encore Knowledgebase says about that:

Do your collections have an OS X installer on the first disk? If so, you should be able to install the program in OS X without any problems.

If there is no OS X installer but you still have OS 9 on your computer you should be able to follow these steps to get it working in OS X:

1. Install product in OS 9
2. Boot up computer in OS X
3. Download and install our newest browser which can be found Here
4. Launch the application in OS X using the new Hemera Image Browser Icon that was created in Step 3.


So, as you can see, the only way to install Photo Objects 50,000 on OSX is if you either still have OS 9 on your computer or if there is an OS X installer on the first disk.

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