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Gyrene -> Can't play Monoply: "OUT OF FREQUENCY" (6/3/2008 10:16:03 AM)

I have puchased two Monoply games,one was a mistake as it was for XP and I have Vista so I sent that back and purchased the one for Vista called "Here and Now"11180-cd v1.0 Both installed ok but when I went to play the game screen went black and up popped "OUT OF FREQUENCY"I have tried everything to get it to play but it won't !! Can you help me?


Gyrene -> RE: Can't play Monoply: "OUT OF FREQUENCY" (6/9/2008 7:28:34 AM)

I have sovled the problem, on Vista all I had to do was lower my resolutions to 1024 x 768 and it worked fine, thanks for trying anyway!

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