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Lion Editor -> pdf file too big (7/19/2008 5:31:51 PM)

I'm my club's new newsletter editor. I have completed my first 8 page newsletter using Printshop Delux version 22. I need to email the newsletter to members and I saved my Printshop file to pdf to make it small enough to send. My Printshop newsletter file is 5.79 MB. The resulting pdf file is 22.8 MB! I read one of the postings that suggested using select all and making it a group on each page to make your pdf file smaller. I did that and the resulting pdf file is 23.6 MB! Please help. The prevous editor's newsletters are from 450-750 KB and she has lots of photos in them, too. I would ask her how she made the files so small but she's gone to Alaska for 2 weeks.

Thank you [:(]

lindarobin -> RE: pdf file too big (7/19/2008 6:57:25 PM)

You probably have the resolution set at 300 ppi or higher. You will drastically reduce the file size by choosing the lowest resolution, 72 ppi. The PDF will be readable on screen, but the print quality is not good.

If your club has some free web space, turning your newsletter into web pages could enhance the reading experience and reduce the downloading to under 300KB worth of files.

The Print Shop can easily convert your newsletter into webpages.

Lion Editor -> RE: pdf file too big (7/20/2008 8:06:06 AM)

I appreciate the suggestion. I should have said that I'd already tried that, but the quality of the lower psi is unexceptable to me and even then the file is 3.32MB. I can't send it by group email unless it's lower than 1MB and all of the newsletters done by the previous editor have been less than that. Is it just Printshop? Would I do better to use another program?

lindarobin -> RE: pdf file too big (7/20/2008 9:24:26 AM)

Did the other newsletter editor use PrintShop? If she did, then she used a different PDF convertor than the one that comes with PrintShop which is inadequate for documents containing large amounts of text. That PDF converter cannot embed the actual text, rather, it renders the entire page as an image. That's why the file size is huge.

So the first thing to do is look for an alternate PDF printer in the list of available printers and give that a try.

(Note: You have to set the printer to the PDF printer and then check for text overflow and other shifting of elements. When you design something with one set of printer drivers active and then SWITCH to another printer driver (ie. PDF), you change the line and character spacing and the results can be messy.)

If that PDF printer still cannot preserve the text from the original PrintShop document, then it will be necessary to use the desktop publishing program that your predecessor used to make newsletters. Do a test paragraph and print it to the better PDF printer to ensure that the text is preserved and the file size is small. A PDF that contains just a page of text is usually only a couple of KB.

If all else fails, and doing a webpage will take too much time to learn and set up, there's always rich text e-mail (easy to do with Outlook Express).

Lion Editor -> RE: pdf file too big (7/20/2008 12:10:59 PM)

I downloaded CutePDF and saved it through that program. The file is still 3MB, but the quality is excellent. I will have to send 57 individual emails to get it out this time, but I'll find out what program the last editor used before I do the next issue. Thank you for saving me![:D]

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