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e_loffield -> Avery 8195 Templates... (7/20/2008 8:28:55 PM)

I bought the Printshop Deluxe 22, and on the box it says that there are over 200 Avery Templates. It's difficult for me to accept that out of all these templates, the one that I need is not there. I bought a package of Avery 8195 Return Address Labels at the same place I bought Printshop Deluxe 22, and the template for these labels is not available. I was wondering if there was any way to remedy this problem? Is there any way possible that this template can be found somewhere, and imported into the Printshop program?

Brandy redux -> RE: Avery 8195 Templates... (7/20/2008 9:12:34 PM)

Hi Eddie,

I don't find any template in Print Shop Deluxe 22 that is equivalent to the 8195. So, your only option would be to create a Custom Paper using the Custom Paper Wizard.

Click on this link

Using the Custom Paper Wizard

to the Using the Custom Paper Wizard pinned item.

Then, when you create your 8195 Custom Paper, you'll want to use these measurements.

Top Margin: 0.550
Left Margin: 0.300

Label Width: 1.75
Label Height: 0.660

Width + Gap: 2.050
Height + Gap: 0.660

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