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Brandy redux -> Error: "art gallery failed" (1/4/2009 1:32:09 PM)

NOTE: The information in this post does NOT apply to Print Shop 2.0 - because Print Shop 2.0 is not a true upgrade of any other version of Print Shop.

If you install any version of Calendar Creator on the computer AFTER any version of Print Shop is installed, you *might* not be able to access the Calendar Creator Art Gallery. Instead, when you select Add | Picture, the Art Gallery *might* not open and you *might* receive the "art gallery failed" error message.

These are the only known fixes for this problem:

1. Make sure that ALL versions of Print Shop are uninstalled - by way of Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel (Programs and Features in Control Panel for WinVista) - before you install Calendar Creator.

2. If both Calendar Creator and Print Shop are already installed on your computer, do this:

    a. Perform a thorough uninstall of all versions of Print Shop, exactly as described in this FAQ:

      Uninstalling Software: Thoroughly & Safely

    b. Restart the computer

    c. Perform a Computer Cleanup, exactly as described in this FAQ:

      Computer Cleanup on WinXP, WinVista & Win7

    d. Reinstall Print Shop, exactly as described in this FAQ:

      'Clean' Install on Win98/Me/XP/2000/Vista/Win7

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