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van1933 -> minimize photo for email (8/28/2009 12:51:08 PM)

I want to minimize my photo so that I can email. How do I do this?
Thanks, Eileen

ellengard -> RE: minimize photo for email (8/28/2009 4:37:03 PM)

Don't use Print Shop for that. Use Windows Explorer's e-mailing feature.

Select your JPG file. Choose "E-mail this file" from the File and Folder Tasks bar. Choose to "Make all my pictures smaller".

If you have several photos in a folder, you can select multiple files for "batch" processing. (Ctrl-click or Shift-click) 20 photos can be copied, resized and attached to an e-mail in 6 seconds!

If all you see on the left side of the Windows Explorer window is the folder tree, click on the word 'Folders' in the toolbar at the top of the window.

Brandy redux -> RE: minimize photo for email (9/9/2009 5:36:45 PM)

The "E-mail this file" option is not present in Windows Explorer on a WinVista or a Windows 7 computer. But, I found the following options for minimizing photos for email.

When I left-click on a photo, an 'E-email' button appears in the Windows Explorer toolbar at the top of the window. And, when I click on that button, a small window opens and offers the option of changing the picture size and attaching the photo to an email message. This option can also be applied after selecting multiple photos in the same folder.

The same 'E-email' button opens when I select a single photo or multiple photos then right click and select 'Send To | Email Recipient' in the menu that drops down.

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