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TLC® Reader Rabbit® Kindergarten Learning System (2009)

A Comprehensive Learning System to Help Your Child Prepare for School

The Reader Rabbit® Kindergarten Learning System combines never-ending fun with a multi-sensory teaching system to build essential kindergarten skill sets. Delightful songs, clever lessons and fun-filled activities inspire children to learn while engaging in creative play. Don't worry if your child is stuck on a tough question. Reader Rabbit® and Sam the Lion are standing by to provide help and encouragement!

The activities become more challenging as your child's skill level develops and progress reports are available so you can monitor your child's progression over time. A Reader Rabbit® workbook is also included for learning on the go!

The Reader Rabbit® Kindergarten Learning System includes:
    Reader Rabbit® Dreamship Tales
    Have fun creating and printing out games, puzzles and crafts for a hands-on approach to learning numbers, words, shapes and more!

    Reader Rabbit® Bounce Down in Balloon Town
    Bounce through math and phonics activities to help Reader Rabbit® and Sam the Lion find their way out of Balloon Town.

    Reader Rabbit® Wordville Soup DVD Video
    Stay tuned to see if Reader Rabbit® and Sam the Lion can help Chef Pierre find the right word ingredients to prepare a soup in time for the festival.

    Reader Rabbit® Activity Workbook (included as a PDF on the CD)
    The Reader Rabbit® Fun with A-B-C's workbook provides additional ways to learn letters, shapes and more at home or on the go!

With the Reader Rabbit® Kindergarten Learning System, your child will learn:

* Matching
* Sequences
* Numeracy
* Equivalency
* Counting & Sorting
* Math Solutions

* Shapes & Colors
* Art & Creativity
* Reading
* Listening
* Vocabulary

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