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tink2875 -> In game font size (12/14/2009 1:02:11 PM)

Announcements from the game are printed in such a small type face that my dad has a very hard time reading it (even with his glasses). I was wondering if there's any way to alter the size of the font in Risk II. Thanks in advance for any help :)

Brandy redux -> RE: In game font size (12/14/2009 1:10:10 PM)

Hi tink2875,

The only way to increase the size of the font would be to decrease the screen resolution.

tink2875 -> RE: In game font size (12/14/2009 1:37:56 PM)

Brandy ty so very much for the dang near immed. response! i'll give that a try tonight! Have a great New Years! thx again :)

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