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Bobcoop103 -> Greeting card navigation (5/25/2010 1:43:13 PM)

When in The Print Shop 22 when I choose Greeting Card and navigate to a specific card and decide I want to look at others is there a way to go back without going all the way back to the selection menu?

Brandy redux -> RE: Greeting card navigation (5/25/2010 2:03:18 PM)

Sorry but NO Bob,

Anytime you click on 'Select' to choose a Print Shop 22 project, that project is opened on the workspace, then the Project Gallery (aka Project Picker) closes. In order to look at other projects, you must open the Project Gallery again.

However, it is possible to view the Front, Inside and Back pages of a project without actually clicking on Select - by doing this:

1. Open the Project Gallery. Click once on the project that you would like to view.

2. Click on the word 'Medium' on the right side of the Status Bar at the bottom of the Project Gallery.

3. When the list drops down, click on 'View Large'. The project you clicked on will be displayed in the window.

4. To view the different pages of the project which is displayed in the window, click on the word 'Front' in the status bar.

5. The list that drops down will allow you to select the pages you would like to view - Front, Inside, Back.

6. To return to viewing multiple projects, just click on 'Large' in the status bar, then select either 'View Small' or 'View Medium'.

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