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cookie_monster -> requires product key even though i bought the game CD?? (6/12/2010 9:04:02 PM)

hi i purchased the game diner dash: hometown Hero for my macbook pro OS X and first when i clicked to install the game, it says "requires admin privileges to run". but i know how to fix that, since i did fixed it with diner dash 2. i copy the install button, place it on my desktop, right click on the instal button, click "view package contents", go to Contents/Resources, and open "installscript.plist". then i modify the "require admin" to FALSE instead of true. ok, problem fixed.

but, when i click on the modified install button, it wants to install it as a demo game, so it requires the product key, and now im stumped.

please help!!im desperate!!

Brandy redux -> RE: requires product key even though i bought the game CD?? (6/12/2010 10:10:06 PM)

Hi cookie_monster,

I'm afraid that I've got some very bad news for you. I was just recently contacted by another user (by email) who purchased Diner Dash: Hometown Hero, and who experienced the same "requires admin privileges to run" error message.

When I conducted a search of that error message on the Play First forums here

Play First forums

which include information on Diner Dash, I found several messages which said that, since Diner Dash: Hometown Hero was designed before Snow Leopard was designed, Diner Dash: Hometown Hero is apparently not compatible with Snow Leopard. And, my guess is that you are running Snow Leopard on your MacBook Pro.

If there is anything that can be done to work around that problem, you will have to look for it on that Play First forum - because, as can be seen in this FAQ

Forum Rules & How these forums work

patches and self-made fixes which violate the End User License Agreement are not permitted on this forum - and, modifications such as you described performing on the install button would definitely be classified as self-made fixes.

If you purchased Diner Dash from a retail store within the last 90 days or from within the last 30 days, please click on this link

Refund Policy

to check out the Refund policy.

Brandy redux -> RE: requires product key even though i bought the game CD?? (6/12/2010 10:19:09 PM)

One additional thought cookie_monster,

Encore Technical Support is not provided for Diner Dash: Hometown Hero.

So, you might want to click on the link below to check out the Diner Dash Support Site

Play First Support

The Support Team on that Diner Dash Support Site should be able to tell you for sure whether or not Diner Dash: Hometown Hero is compatible with Snow Leopard.

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