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MelanieKay -> merging 2 calendars (8/21/2010 6:57:59 AM)

I have a working calendar for each member of my family. Then I have one that is all the information from these calendars as a family calendar. They have always imported fine before. The stuff I entered this month in one of the calendars is not porting over. It appears as if all the settings are still the same. What can I check to fix this.
Melanie Kay

Brandy redux -> RE: merging 2 calendars (8/21/2010 9:22:21 PM)

Hi MelanieKay,

Any time you want to import your own events into another calendar, the most important point which should always be kept in mind is that, when you select 'File' in the Calendar Creator menubar then select 'Import' then 'Events' in the menu that drops down, the Events folder will open. The Events folder contains *.bcc files which are installed with Calendar Creator and which contain Events collections such as 'U.S. Holidays', 'Phases of the Moon', 'Inventions', etc.

However, since your *.bcc files are not normally saved in the Events folder, you will need to navigate to the location of your saved files, then click on the file which contains the events you want to import.

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