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jeffevans52 -> Spiritual Expressions 7 - "Cannot Determine Configuration" Error (2/2/2011 10:03:18 PM)

I've been using AG Spiritual Expressions for many years without a problem. Now today when I went to launch it, I got a "Cannot Determine Configuration" error and it won't launch. I tried to reinstall from the original disk and it says I must remove it via Add/Remove Programs and it's not listed there. What can I do to be able to again access this program?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Jeff Evans

Brandy redux -> RE: Spiritual Expressions 7 - "Cannot Determine Configuration" Error (2/2/2011 10:12:32 PM)

Hi jeffevans52,

If you will click on the link below

Error: "Cannot Determine Configuration"

you will be able to view a pinned item which says, "The "Cannot Determine Configuration" error message is often the result of a corrupt installation."

And, that pinned item provides the recommended solution for dealing with a corrupt installation.

And, as you will also see, the first thing that is recommended is to perform a thorough and safe uninstall - by following the directions in the "Uninstalling Software: Thoroughly & Safely" FAQ.

As can be seen in that FAQ, "If you are unable to uninstall the software by way of 'Add or Remove Programs' or 'Programs and Features', it will be necessary for you to perform a manual uninstall - by searching the hard drive for files and folders related to the program you want to uninstall. then manually removing those files and folders - as is described in Step #2 below."

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