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Step 1: Register

Before you can post, you must register - because guests on the forum will never see a "New Post" or a "Post Reply" button. To register, click on the 'Register' link at the top of any forum page.

NOTE: Since the forums are optimized for Internet Explorer, it is best to use Internet Explorer when you register. However, posting can be done with any browser.

Step 2: Find the correct forum

The Product Name for the forum you selected can be found at both the top and the bottom of each forum page.

For example, this is what you will see at the top and bottom of this forum page

All Forums >> [Product Forums] >> [Productivity Software] >> PrintMaster 2.0 & 2011 >> Tech Tips

However, since this forum is informational only, it is locked. So, regular users cannot post in this forum.

To go to a different forum, find the 'Jump to:' box in the bottom right hand corner of this forum page. Click on the down-arrow next to that box. When you click on a Product Name in the list that drops down, you will be immediately taken to the forum for that product.

If that forum has sub-forums (i.e. General Functionality, Printing Specific, Export/Import, Tech Tips, etc.), those sub-forums will be displayed. You will then need to select a sub-forum before you can post. Please select the subforum which most closely matches the subject about which you will be posting.

If that forum does not have sub-forums, you are ready to post.

NOTE: If you don't see a 'Jump to:' box in the bottom right hand corner of a forum page, click on the link below

[Product Forums]

to view a list of links to all Encore forums.

Step 3: "New Post" vs "Post Reply"

Please keep in mind that the "New Post" button should ALWAYS be used to start a discussion about a NEW subject that you have not previously discussed on the forum. Please DO NOT use the "Post Reply" button to post a message about a NEW subject.

If you would like to post a reply in one of your earlier discussions, or if you would like to post a suggestion in a discussion started by another forum user, please find that discussion then click on the "Post Reply" button. Or, click on the "Reply" link in the upper right hand corner of any post. Please DO NOT use the "New Post" button for this purpose.

NOTE: If the "Post Reply" button is greyed out and not active, that discussion has been locked by moderators to prevent replies from being posted.

Step 4: E-Mail Notification when someone replies to your post

Whenever someone replies to your post, that reply will be posted below your original post. But, that reply will not always automatically be sent to you by e-mail.

If you would like to be automatically notified by e-mail when someone replies to your post, it may be necessary for you to either 1) make sure that 'Notify me via e-mail when someone replies' is selected at the bottom of the window where you type your message or 2) select the appropriate options on your 'My Profile' page.

To select 'My Profile' options, click on the 'My Profile' link at the top of any forum page. On the 'My Profile' page, look in the 'Posting Preference' and 'Subscription Preference' sections.

In 'Posting Preference', 'Always subscribe to threads when I post' is always a good choice. You can then select the 'Subscription Preference' options that best suit your needs.

Encore's e-mail address for E-Mail Notification is

So, if you have chosen the 'Notify me via e-mail when someone replies' option, you will want to make sure that your email provider DOES NOT treat that email address as spam and either delete it or dump it in a Spam/Block folder.

NOTE: The e-mail address listed above should NOT be used to send e-mail TO Encore - because that e-mail address is used by Encore ONLY for the purpose of sending E-Mail Notification to registered users. So, any messages sent by users to that e-mail address will be automatically deleted.

Step 5: How do I find my posts?

The quickest way to find any messages you have posted on the forum would be to click on the 'My Profile' link at the top of any forum page. Then, when the 'My Control Panel' page is displayed, click on the (View My Profile) link next to your Login name. When the 'Member Profile' page is displayed, you will see links to the last 10 messages you posted. If you have posted more than 10 messages, you can view the links to those messages by clicking on either the 'Newest 50' link or the 'Newest 100' links next to 'Total Posts'.

Step 6: Why do so many posts display the word 'Top:' at the beginning of the Subject Line?

As can be seen at the top of the forums, the default setting for "Display topics from last:' is only 30 days. So, once a post is older than 30 days, it will no longer be automatically displayed on the forum. The only way for users to force older posts to display on the forum is to click on the down arrow next to "Display topics from last:' then select a longer time frame.

When a Moderator determines that a post contains useful information which should be easily accessible by all users, that Moderator will pin that post to the top of the forum. Pinned items will always contain the word 'Top:' at the beginning of the Subject Line. And, those pinned items will always be displayed - no matter how old they are. However, those pinned items will also be locked to prevent additional replies from being posted in those pinned items.

When new messages are posted on the forums, they are always placed after the pinned items. So, if you would like to skip over the pinned items and go straight to the most recent message that was posted in a forum, click on >> above the 'Last Post' column (in the Page: section), then back up a page at a time until you find the most recent message.

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