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NOTE: The following download tips apply ONLY to downloads which are purchased from either,, or For downloads which are purchased from other web sites, you must go back to those other web sites to ask for assistance.


Before you start any download, it is very important to disable any of the following programs which might be running on your computer:

* Anti-virus & Internet Security programs. If these programs are not disabled before downloading, they can either cause the download to be corrupted or cause the download to fail.

* Download Monitors: Programs such as GoZilla! and NetZip are not compatible with the download server and will sometimes block or stop downloads.

* Screen Savers: In some instances, screen savers can interfere with the download process. If you use a screen saver, disable it temporarily until your download is complete.

* Energy saver mode: Some computers have an energy saver mode that will disconnect your computer from the internet after a certain amount of time. Please review your settings to allow your computer enough time to complete the download.

* Other Programs currently downloading updates or connecting to the internet for information can slow down a download. Please close any programs running in the background prior to downloading your purchase.

The quickest and easiest way to close all background programs would be to click on the link below

then follow Steps #1 thru #13 in that "'Clean' Install on Win98/Me/XP/2000/Vista/Win7" FAQ for temporarily disabling all background programs in MSConfig | Startup.

After the computer restarts, check the systray and temporarily disable any programs which are still running.

Perform the download, install the software, then go back to the "'Clean' Install on Win98/Me/XP/2000/Vista/Win7" FAQ and follow the directions for restoring the previous system settings.


To perform the download:

After you purchase a download, you should receive an email which contains both

1) the link to your download


2) the Unlock Key which is required to activate that download.

Retrieving Your Download:

1. To begin your download, Copy and paste the URL listed in your email into your browser.

NOTE: Your download will begin immediately. Please make sure that you are ready.

You are allowed ONLY 3 download attempts. AFTER either 3 download attempts or 90 days, the link will expire.
    If/When the link expires, it will be necessary for you to click on the link below

    then follow the directions in that FAQ for contacting Customer Service.

    DO NOT reply to the email which contains the link to your download and the Unlock Key for that download.
2. Click 'Save' in the dialog box. The software will download to your computer.

We recommend saving the download to your desktop for easy access. Once the download is complete, double-click the file you have saved to start the installation.

3. When prompted, use the Unlock Key(s) provided in the email to access your application(s), then click on the 'Activate' button:

Please note the following rules for entering the Unlock Key:

* If a letter is capitalized, you must enter it capitalized.

* If a letter is in small case, you must enter it in small case.

* If one of the characters looks like it could be either an alpha O or a number 0 (Zero), it is always preferable to enter the number 0 (Zero).

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