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Brandy redux -> "Not Enough Disk Space" error message (6/10/2011 4:15:05 PM)


The message "Not enough disk space" appears during the installation of the Reader Rabbit's® title.

This typically occurs when attempting to install the program to a hard drive that has more than 2 GB's of free space.

NOTE: This error message is experienced with programs which were originally designed before computers typically had more than 2 GB's of actual hard drive space.


Follow the procedure below to install the program.

1. Verify that the system meets the Minimum System Requirements for the program. If the requirements are met (or exceeded), continue with Step 2.

NOTE: If the system does not meet the minimum system requirements, the program may not install or run properly.

2. Insert the Reader Rabbit's® disk into the proper drive and begin the installation.

NOTE: If the installation does not begin, consult the instructions that came with the program.

3. When the Welcome dialog box appears, click 'Next'.

4. The Software License Agreement will appear. Click 'Yes' to agree to the terms of the license agreement.

5. At the Choose Destination Location window, press and hold the CTRL key and click 'Next'.

6. The Select Program Folder dialog box will appear. Release the CTRL key and follow the onscreen prompts to continue installing the program.

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