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Many times, after inserting a disc into the CD or DVD drive, the disc is not recognized by that drive. CD-read and DVD-read issues can be caused by many sources.

Perform the following procedures to troubleshoot CD-read and DVD-read issues. Begin with the first procedure and continue through the list. Try using the CD or DVD after each procedure is completed.

1. If you are trying to install a program on Vista, it is very important to keep in mind that it can take several minutes for the installation process to start after you insert the DVD - even if you have User Account Control (UAC) turned OFF.

So, the quickest way to get the installation process started on a Vista computer would be to go to 'Computer', right click on the Drive letter where the DVD is inserted, then click on 'OPEN'. When the window opens, double-click on the Setup.exe file.

2. Verify that the correct disc (CD/DVD) is inserted in the drive.

3. For programs on DVD, verify that the drive containing the DVD is a DVD drive and not a CD-ROM drive.

Most DVD drives will have DVD printed on the front of the drive.

For programs on DVD, consider the following:

DVD drives can read both DVDs and CDs

CD-ROM drives can read only CDs

4. Clean the CD/DVD in the following manner:
    a. Place a small amount of nonabrasive liquid soap on the shiny side of the CD/DVD.

    b. Using your fingertips and warm water, gently rub the soap on the CD/DVD in a circular motion.

    c. Rinse the CD/DVD thoroughly and dry it using a clean, soft T-shirt or lint-free towel. (Do not use paper towels or tissue paper.)

5. If your computer has more than one disc drive, insert the CD or DVD into a different drive, then try to install the program again.

6. If the installation process does not begin after inserting the CD/DVD into the proper drive, make sure you are doing a 'clean' install, exactly as described in this FAQ

'Clean' Install on Win98/Me/XP/2000/Vista/Win7

7. Try using a different CD or DVD in the drive - to see if that disc can be read. If discs cannot be read in that drive, the drive might be defective.

8. If possible, insert the problem CD or DVD into the DVD or CD drive of another computer - to see if the issue persists.


If none of these suggestions helps to solve the problem, the CD or DVD may be defective.

If you purchased the program from a retail store within the last 90 days or from, or within the last 30 days, please click on this link

Refund Policy: Bicycle_Broderbund_Encore_Hoyle_Punch

for information regarding the Encore/Broderbund refund policy.

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