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Brandy redux -> PM 2012: Mirror Option (8/11/2011 2:57:07 PM)

As is noted in the PM 2012 User Guide, PM 2012 offers several options for creating flip/mirror images of individual objects - in the Edit Photos section (Page 44 of the User Guide) and in the Edit Clip Art section (Page 64 of the User Guide).

And, as is also noted on Page 77 of the PM 2012 User Guide, the 'Print Options' window offers Flip/Mirror options for many projects - which will allow the entire page of a project to be flipped or mirrored:

"Click the left button to flip the page vertically. Click the right button to turn the page around horizontally (mirror)."

It should be noted that the Flip/Mirror buttons (as seen in the image below) are not offered on the 'Print Options' window for all PM 2012 projects.


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