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Brandy redux -> Print Shop 23.1 & earlier: Project File Types (8/22/2011 6:31:20 PM)

Following is 1) a list of the Project File Types which can be created in Print Shop 23.1 and earlier versions of Print Shop and 2) the extensions for those Project File Types:

Banners: BAN

Booklets: BRO

Brochures: BRO

Business Cards: BIZ

Calendars: CAL

Quarter-Fold Greeting Cards: CAR

Certificates: CER

Envelopes: ENV

Fax Sheets: FAX

Forms, Fax Covers: SIG

Half-fold Cards, Invitations: HCR

Labels: LBL

Letterhead: LET

Newsletters: NWS

Note Cards: NOT

Photo Albums: NWS

Photo Collages: SIG

Photo Novelties: HCR, SIG

Postcards: PCR

Presentations: NWS

Quick Prints: PHP

Report Covers: NWS

Resumes: NWS, LET

Scrapbook Pages: SBP

Signs: SIG

Transfers, Iron-Ons: TSH

Web Pages: WEB

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