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Brandy redux -> Error: An attempt was made to access dock bar past its end (3/13/2012 10:36:50 PM)


After attempting to open a calendar (.bcc) file, the following error message occurs:

"An attempt was made to access dock bar past its end."


This error generally indicates that the calendar file you were attempting to open is corrupt.

Using a backup (if a backup exists) to replace the corrupt calendar file should resolve the issue. That procedure is described in the "Recovering Calendar Collection from Backup" section below.

Please do keep in mind that backups are not created by all versions of Calendar Creator or on all Operating Systems. If the information below does not help to solve your problem, the only alternative is to proceed to the "Importing Event Data into New Calendar" section below.

Recovering Calendar Collection from Backup

Calendar Creatorâ„¢ can automatically create backups of calendar files so that the data can be recovered if a file becomes damaged.

In WinXP, you should be able to find those *.bak files in this folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Broderbund Software\Print\Calendar Creator

In WinVista, you should be able to find those *.bak files in these folders:

C:\Users\All Users\Broderbund Software\Print\Calendar Creator

C:\ProgramData\Broderbund Software\Print\Calendar Creator

If a *.bak file is found, it should be possible to recover that file by renaming the file with a *.bcc extension, then opening that file in the normal manner.

Note: If no file appears that matches the name of the calendar collection that does not properly open, no backup was created for that calendar collection. Skip to the Importing Event Data into New Calendar section below.


Importing Event Data into New Calendar

If no backup is available, the event data may still be recovered by creating a new calendar and importing the event data from the original file. Formatting, such as the color of the dates, font used for events, or images added to the project, is not retained.

Perform the following steps to import the event data into a new calendar.

1. Launch Calendar Creatorâ„¢ and create a new Ready-Made Calendar or Basic Calendar.

2. Click the 'File' menu, choose 'Import', and choose 'Events'. An 'Open' dialog will appear.

3. Navigate to the location of the *.bcc calendar file that will not properly open.

4. Select this calendar then click on the 'Open' button. The events from the selected calendar should appear in the newly created calendar collection.

If there is no *.bak file to recover, and if the *.bcc file is too damaged to import, the only option would be to create an entirely New Calendar from scratch.

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