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Brandy redux -> 'Events Lists' vs. 'Events Categories' (4/18/2012 9:21:29 PM)

When Events are created in any Calendar Creator 7 or later version of Calendar Creator, each of those Events is placed into one single Events List, which is saved as part of the *.bcc Calendar Creator file. Then, the Events from that Events List can be imported into any other Calendar Creator project.

The most important point to keep in mind about individual Events is that when an Event in one Calendar Creator project is updated, that update is applied to only the *.bcc Calendar Creator project in which the Event was updated. It is not possible to automatically apply that update to the same Event which exists in another *.bcc Calendar Creator project.

Categories are assigned to each event to allow the Events in each *.bcc file to be organized and sorted in an organized fashion. By default, each Calendar Creator project offers the following Events Categories:

* Anniversary
* Appointment
* Birthday
* Contact
* General
* Holiday
* Meeting
* To Do
* Vacation

To select specific options for each Category, you would do this:

1. Select 'Events' in the Calendar Creator menu bar, then select 'Categories' in the menu that drops down

2. Click on one of the available Categories, then click on the 'Event Properties' button

The specific options which can be assigned to each Category include the following:

* Font
* Font Size
* Font Color
* Font Style (Bold, Italic, Underline, Left, Center, Right or Justified)
* All Caps
* Background Shading and Color
* Whether the Category should be displayed as a 'Box Event' or as a 'Banner Event'
* Alarm
* Picture
* Borders Style and Color

The most important point to keep in mind about Event Categories is that when specific options are selected for a specific Category, those options are applied to only the Category in that one single *.bcc Calendar Creator project. It is not possible to automatically apply those options to Categories in any other *.bcc Calendar Creator project.

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