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C.W. -> advanced drawing and metafiles (8/4/2012 9:04:51 AM)

I have The Print Shop 23 and Windows 7. I have been attempting to use Advanced Drawing but can't open any saved files on which to work. After reading through the Help Topics, I get the impression that the only files that can be opened are those that are saved as metafiles. In the first place, to my knowledge, I don't have any files that are saved as "metafiles", and, secondly, I don't understand how I can change/save a file that I already have to a metafile so that I can use it in Advanced Drawing.

I'd appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.


Brandy redux -> RE: advanced drawing and metafiles (8/4/2012 11:44:54 AM)

Hi Chris,

If you will click on the down arrow next to the 'Files of Type' box on the Advanced Drawing Open window, you will see that the only file types that can be opened in Advanced Drawing are *.wmf, *.emf and *.clp.

As is indicated in the Advanced Drawing Help, the Advanced Drawing feature was included only for the purpose of allowing users to 'modify a graphic that is on the Design Desk' or to 'create your own drawings to add to your project using the Advanced Drawing program'.

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