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Brandy redux -> How to "return" to the next line (9/16/2012 10:25:01 PM)

In Event boxes - for Events that are automatically placed both in the calendars and in the Events List - you can "return" to the next line by holding down the CTRL key while you press the ENTER key.

However, this doesn't always work as expected - because the program will sometimes format events in day cells in such a way that the text will "return" from one line to the next in places other than where you did a CTRL|ENTER.

Before you can use CTRL|ENTER in regular text boxes - which are created by selecting Add | Text - you must turn Word Wrap ON.

To do so:

1. Right click on the text box, then select 'Properties' in the menu that drops down.

2. When the 'Text Object Properties' window opens, click on the 'Special Effects' tab.

3. Click in the box next to 'Wrap Words' - to place a check mark in that box.

4. Click on 'OK'.

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