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Brandy redux -> Changing size & position of pictures in day cells (9/19/2012 10:30:08 PM)

When a picture is associated with an event in Calendar Creator, Calendar Creator controls the size and position of the picture in the day cell.

The only selectable options for changing pictures which are associated with events are those items which are accessed by double-clicking on the event, then clicking on the 'Picture' tab.

Those options are:

* Proportional
* Complete
* No Change
* Tile
* Center
* Transparent
* Tint
* Color.

If those options don't produce the desired result, the recommended workaround is to remove the association between the picture and the event, then manually insert the picture into the day cell by selecting 'Add' in the menu bar then selecting 'Picture' in the menu that drops down. The picture can then be manually positioned and sized as desired.

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