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JasonC -> How to install a program in Windows 8 (Disk versions) (11/27/2012 1:47:32 PM)

Under Windows 8, program install behavior has been slightly modified.

For older Hoyle titles / Encore Entertainment Software titles which may include "Encore Launchpad" Do the following:

1. Start Windows 8 as an administrator

2. Click on the "Desktop Tile"

3. Insert the program disc into the drive

4. On the top right, a tile appears asking you what you would like to do with the program. Select Browser for Files and Folders. Locate Setup.exe , Double Click it to install

5. The program installs as Normal.

For programs that do not include Encore Launchpad You can use the directions above or utilize AutoRun.

Special note : During installation on your desktop, on the taskbar you may a shield appear now and then. This is the User Account Control asking for your permission. Just click the shield and choose "Yes"

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