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llk -> edit clip art (3/20/2014 4:20:14 PM)

I have selected a border for my project and want to change the color of it. How do I do that? I could do it in my earlier version of Printmaster

ellengard -> RE: Clip Art Change Color (3/20/2014 5:38:32 PM)

Unfortunately, the photo edit tools in this program only apply to "photos", not any of the images from the Clip Art gallery.

The workaround is to export the project as JPG. Then the JPG can be brought in as a photo. Note: create a separate project for the one clip art so that it can be exported as its own JPG.

llk -> RE: Clip Art Change Color (3/24/2014 7:20:43 AM)

Thank You for this info. I will try it hoping it solves my problem.

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