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macgyver -> Playing Oregon Trail without the CD (7/31/2014 4:00:14 AM)

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I couldn’t reply to the other post, but I thought I would help those out that are trying to run the game without the CD. Pretty much every game today doesn’t require a CD to play and Oregon Trail is no different.

You can play Oregon Trail without the CD which seems to correct a lot of the problems with install and running properly. I’ve created steps as detailed as possible below. Any average computer user should be able to follow these steps, just follow along one step at a time. I’m using quotes to help show what you’re looking for, you do not type the quotes out at any point in this tutorial.

1. Open your hard drive so that you are viewing the root of drive C. Your desktop icon “My Computer” or “Computer” will take you there. Get to “C:\” or “Local Disk C:”

2. Create a new folder and name it “OT5”. That folder should now have a nice short directory address of C:\OT5. Open that new empty folder and leave that window up for now.

3. Start a new window and open the CD folder to view the contents of the Oregon Trail CD. This will typically be drive “D:” or “E:” on most computers. Do not run setup and do not install the game.

4. You should now be viewing the contents of your CD. Copy the folder called “data” on the CD and put it into your newly made OT5 folder on drive C. This will take a minute or so to copy over.

5. After the data folder finishes copying to C:\OT5, go back and view the contents of your CD again. Open the “Install” folder and then then “HD” folder on the CD. You should see 5 files.

6. Take the entire contents of the “HD” folder and copy it to the C:\OT5 folder as well.

7. You should now have 5 files and a data folder in C:\OT5. One of the files is labeled “OREGON5”. Open this file. Notepad should open it for you. Look for the brackets that say “[cdrom]”

8. Create a space under the [cdrom] title by hitting the return key - add the text: “rsrcpath=C:\ot5\data”

9. This tells the game where to look for the data files. You should now be able to click on the “OT5” icon and run the game properly.

10. No compatibly settings are needed as far as I can tell. You can play with those settings if needed on the “OT5” properties menu/compatibility tab if you run into odd playback issues.

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