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wolfdragon -> Error 0001e1fd (10/10/2014 1:39:59 PM)


I have searched high and low and cannot find this anywhere. There seems to have been a patch for this error at one time, but all the links I can find are dead.

I try to launch OT5 and the screen goes black, then a windows message (send/don't send) comes up.
I go into Windows Event Viewer and find an application error with the following information.

Faulting application ot5.exe, version, faulting module binkw32.dll, version, fault address 0x0001e1fd.

Unfortunately, I had to recently reimage the PC this was installed on due to a virus. If anyone knows how to get by this error, or has a patch that can be provided, my kids and myself will be greatly appreciative.


JasonC -> RE: Error 0001e1fd (10/10/2014 4:33:47 PM)

You may try the following link to obtain the patch :

Please note, this is the only patch we have on the website. If it works , please let us know.

I tried clicking the link for the patch and the link is valid.

wolfdragon -> RE: Error 0001e1fd (10/11/2014 5:30:17 AM)

Thanks for the patch. Unfortunately, it did not help.
I still get the same process (click play, black screen, send/don't send error).

However, the message in the Windows Event Viewer is now different.

Faulting application ot5.exe, version, faulting module ot5.exe, version, fault address 0x0007ab36.

I have scoured the web and am not able to find anything. The closest I can find is to roll back nvidia drivers, but I cannot roll back as they are the drivers that installed immediately upon installing a fresh XP image.

Any other thoughts?

JasonC -> RE: Error 0001e1fd (10/11/2014 8:32:59 AM)

I don't have experience in this program so I am unable to help. You may have to wait for someone on the forums that may have a solution. I know it's not the answer you wanted to hear but this is a very old program that's not supported anymore by technical support.

All of our troubleshooting articles for this particular game is located at :

Beyond this, there are other forums online as well that may be able to help as well.

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