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Whether you are playing a game of cards, designing a home , creating a banner, we have the perfect software product for everyone. Please keep the following hints and tips in mind when purchasing:

1. Make sure you pay close attention to the system requirements when purchasing these products.

It's very important to pay attention to them as if you have to submit a issue to technical support, you are fully covered because you meet the system requirements for that product. This goes for download products and physical products for which you purchase in the retail environment. Using a product on an operating system that is not supported will make you ineligible for technical support since the operating system or your system configuration is not supported by the requirements.

To find your system requirements prior to purchasing :

Windows XP : Click on the start button, right click on My Computer and select properties. The computer processor speed and memory should be listed in here.

Windows Vista and 7 users : Click on the start Pearl - right click on the word computer and select properties. The processor speed and memory should be displayed.

Windows 8 Users : If you can run Windows 8, you should not have problems with the products as long as Windows 8 is listed on the system requirements as being compatible. Please note that currently Print Shop 3.5 and Print Master v6 are the only printing products we offer technical support for on Windows 8. System requirements are listed for each product on all of our sites.

2: The difference between Downloads, DVD / CD in Sleeve , and Retail Products

Hoyle Gaming / Encore / Broderbund / Punch / Viva Media offers various ways to acquire and purchase its products so here is the scoop on these products:

A. DVD or CD In Sleeve: These products are burned at the factory and any relevant CD Key Codes / registration information are silkscreened onto the disc and sent to you in the mail via USPS and should arrive within 3 to 4 days

B. Download of Product : Various products are offered as downloads. These are products you save to your computer and double click a file to installed. Your registration information is also included in the email, if any is needed to activate the product. It is suggested to burn the installation file to a Blank CD/ DVD for safekeeping purposes in case you need to reinstall the product again. Product download links are only available for a certain period of time which the link to the installer will expire. It is suggested if you are unable to acquire a means to backup the software , you can add download insurance for your product to extend the download link, and add on a backup DVD to your order, for a nominal fee.

C: Retail Box shipped: Just like the product you see on the shelves in the stores you shop at, these products are shipped to you via UPS or any other method you choose. The cheapest UPS method will get your products to your door within 1 to 5 business days after your payment has been processed and cleared. These 1 to 5 days do not include the time it takes to process your order. Additional shipping methods are available for a higher price if you need your order sooner.

D: USB Flash Drive : This applies to Punch! products only. As long as the file size fits on the flash drive, we can ship your order using a flash drive. Please note that we add $10 to the purchase for shipping your order on a flash drive.


Once in a blue moon, a product you see on the site as being available can go on backorder depending on demand of the product. If this happens, you will be sent an email saying its on backorder and it gives you options if you would like to wait for the product or cancel that portion of the order for a refund.


Each product has a satisfaction guarantee and a return policy. Depending on how you purchase your product, Encore has different return policies. To see the various return and refund policies , click here for the list:



Encore offers various technical support options for your products in the event your software does not function as intended. To get support for your product, click here: http://support.encore.com/technicalsupport/


These forums are for you to ask your questions about the products you purchased, like how to play games, or understanding functions of the games or software purchased.

For questions about product availability and to place an order call our order support line at 1-800-395-0277

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