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ybnormal1 -> Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 12:15:39 PM)

So I create Quilts using this software. I create shapes and add photos to the shapes (36 of them). I save my work, close the program and when I open them back up they are missing some of the shapes. It has happened to 20 of my projects and only 1 has all of the shapes. I shut down computer, uninstalled and reinstalled the program with the same results. Any idea?
Thank You!!!

ellengard -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 1:06:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: ybnormal1
So I create Quilts using this software. I create shapes and add photos to the shapes (36 of them)

How big is your project? The size of an actual quilt? Are you printing onto transfer paper? I suspect your project is too massive to edit and save, but if I know more about what you are attempting to do, I can give you advice on how to break up the project into manageable pieces.

ybnormal1 -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 1:26:01 PM)

The finished quilt jpeg size is 1.75MB for the one that works. The others that have missing pieces are over 3.14MB. I am creating them on a 17" x 17" paper size.
Thank You for Your Time!!!

DH -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 1:42:43 PM)

Would it be possible for you to include a JPEG image of your finished project? I have addressed this concern with our QA team and their response was a request for the JPEG of the finished project.

ellengard -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 2:06:20 PM)


ORIGINAL: ybnormal1
... I am creating them on a 17" x 17" paper size.

That is a manageable size. This means each photo is about 2.8"x2.8", six rows and six columns, right?

I think I know what is causing your problem. You are bringing in 36 high res photos, creating a project file size that is unmanageable. If you resample your photos BEFORE you bring them into Print Shop, this will greatly reduce the project file size (NOT to be confused with the JPG size).

You can use Windows Live Photo Gallery to crop and resample your photos. Make them about 900 pixels wide. That will give you at least 300 dpi for the new copies that you will use in Print Shop.

ybnormal1 -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 3:34:04 PM)

I am going to try to resample the photos like you suggested. I will let you know how it goes. This makes sense. I can't upload a jpeg here as the file is too BIG HA! I can send you the website address but wasn't sure if that was allowed.
Again Thank You for Your Time!!! So Appreciate You!

ellengard -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 3:55:19 PM)

You can resample your JPG to be within the 200KB limit for uploading to this forum.

With today's digital cameras and smart phones, photos are easily 2MB file size. So putting 36 photos into one project makes that project at least 72MB. I'm impressed that your computer didn't freeze up!

Your quilt project sounds quite interesting. Do you print onto 17" x 17" transfer paper and iron onto fabric?

What is the website address you mentioned? If it helps explain what you are making, it's OK to post it here.

ybnormal1 -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 4:05:28 PM)

I can only resize to 410KB which is still too large to upload here. My website with the Quilts is www.zazzle.com/quiltwithme I don't do any printing as I only design the items and Zazzle does everything else. :) I am in the process of deleting ALL of my Images in TPS 3.5... didn't realize How many I had in there, which I am sure is causing an issue too as it Crashed 2x so far.
& again... Thank You!!! :)

ellengard -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 4:28:53 PM)

Oh, I see! You make the cool quilt designs and Zazzle produces fabrics, mugs, hats, bags... with your designs.

If you open your JPG and take a screen capture, you can probably upload the screen capture JPG. Sometimes I crop the screen capture, just to be sure it'll be under 200KB.


ybnormal1 -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 4:35:09 PM)

OK... Now you are talking a little Greek for me... ;) So much Info! Thanks!!!

ellengard -> RE: Disappearing Shapes (2/4/2015 5:06:09 PM)

A screen capture is a picture of whatever is currently displayed on your screen. Just press the key marked, "PrtScn". That copies the screen. Open MS Paint and paste. You get a graphic of the screen. Save it as a JPG. I like to crop it first, to remove parts I don't need.

That's what I did when I went to your website, so I could make that graphic.

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