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JasonC -> Print Master Mail Merge (11/9/2015 12:24:22 PM)

If you wish to create labels, start off by doing the following:

1. Create a Project from scratch. Choose Labels. Adjust the size of your labels that you need. Click OK to start the project.

2. Click the Text bar to the left of the interface and click on Address.

3. Click the Import Button to the bottom right of the Interface. Locate your file. Import it.

4. Your data will be loaded in. Pay attention to the data you have imported where it says Column 1, Column 2, etc.

5. On your label, choose what data will be loaded in. Add first name, last name, etc to the columns you wish to use.

6. Choose names from your address book to go on the sheets. If you want one contact per label, choose that option. Otherwise the other option (Print One Contact Per sheet) will result in printing individual pages)

7. Click the T button to add text and stretch the text box as needed. Make sure you use a font big enough to cover the size of the label.

8. You're ready to add in names. Click First name, and click insert. Add a space and click Last name and then Insert. Hit the Enter Key and repeat as needed.

9. Once you are done adding in the information on your label, click File, and then click Print from Home.

10. Be sure to save your project. You are now ready to print your labels. Please be sure to use the Preview button to see how your project will look before it gets sent to the printer.

11. If you don't like how it looks, go back to the project and adjust as needed. Repeat from Step 9 to print your pages.

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