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hope2016 -> 2 sided printing - how (4/20/2016 4:57:42 PM)

I am new at printing on PrintMaster Platinum v7. I am trying to print 2 sided so I can make our bulletin for church services. I can't find how to choose 2 sided? How do I do this?

ellengard -> RE: 2 sided (4/20/2016 9:02:41 PM)

If you have a duplex printer and you have set it for duplex printing, your 2 page project should print on the one side then automatically get pulled back into the printer to get the other side printed.

If you do not have duplexing (or the duplexing isn't working), then you have to flip the page over and re-insert the page by hand. If you are doing several bulletins, I would recommend that you print all the front sides first (open the Select Pages tab and uncheck the other page). The you can flip over the entire stack and print the other side (open the Select Pages tab and uncheck the previous page). So much more efficient than flipping only one page at a time.

Tip: make a note of how the pages come out of your printer.

If the top comes out first, you'll want to flip your paper so that the top comes out first again.

The edge that comes out first is flipped so that edge comes out last.

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