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JasonC -> Where is "X" Avery label in The Print Shop 4.0? (12/6/2016 12:20:18 PM)

While The Print Shop 4.0 contains a selection of Avery Templates, not all of them are included. For any template that is not included, you must use the Custom Paper Wizard in order to create the label.

Follow the instructions to create custom labels:

1. Double-Click on The Print Shop 4.0 on your desktop to start the program.

2. On the Select a New Project Screen, click on Create From Scratch.

3. Click on the New button and fill out the form with your label dimensions. Make sure to click on the "This stock is a label" button.

4. Once you have filled out the form with your dimensions, under "Save this paper stock as project type", choose "Label Sheet" and click Save.

Your label Sheet is now ready for use whenever you need to use it.

Please note that not all printers are created equally, so you if you find a label prints outside the lines, you may need to adjust your custom dimensions to adapt to your printer.

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