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lindarobin -> Is this an update to v12.1? (11/20/2017 3:03:26 PM)

copied from a thread in the forum for the discontinued version

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Thank you, I would like the latest version of Calendar Creator Deluxe. I am used to using that program and prefer to stay with it.

Let's clear up the misconception of a so-called "Calendar Creator upgrade". There is no such thing. The last Calendar Creator with the features and interface that you are familiar with is version 12.1 It is discontinued. When I last checked on amazon, it was listed, but mostly "currently unavailable". Please note that version 12.1 is not supported on Win 10, so any tech problems you encounter running v12.1 on a Win 10 computer, cannot be solved by Encore Tech Support.

To fill in the vaccuum left by the discontinuation of v12.1, and to provide a Win 10 calendar program, Encore offers a newly developed program powered by StoryRock which is called "Calendar Creator" (previously called Calendar Creator 2016 when it was released that year). Although it shares the Calendar Creator name, it is not an upgrade. It is an entirely new calendar program and does not work like v12.1.

If you keep Calendar Creator 2016, you need to approach it as if it has no connection to any earlier Calendar Creator. In fact, the min requirements state:
Not compatible with projects made in Calendar Creator version 12.1 and earlier.

If that is not a workable situation, then you can try to find v12.1 somewhere, but know that there is no tech support for it. (except for an online knowledgebase)

Alternatively, you can look for another calendar program. However, it is unlikely there is one that can ever provide everything that v12.1 did. That was a well-loved classic.

lindarobin -> RE: Is this an update to v12.1? (12/14/2018 11:17:47 PM)

Big News
The 2016 release has been taken off the market. Available now is Calendar Creator 12.2, the Win 10 compatible, true update of the original Riverdeep Calendar Creator version 12.

12.2 opens, edits and saves your BCC files.

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