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jboudreau -> calendar (12/5/2017 5:17:37 PM)

I made a calendar for each month in 2017 with birthdays and anniversaries on certain days. when changing the year to 2018 for each month, the data stays on the same day ,not the same date.
Question is how do I get it to stay on the same date year to year.[:(]

ellengard -> RE: calendar (12/5/2017 5:46:35 PM)

In PrintMaster, the calendar is simply a grid with numbers. It does not know what events are and can't apply repeat rules to them. A program such as Calendar Creator can save events and you can repeat those events to reoccur on the same date, different year.

In PrintMaster, you have to manually move your text boxes to suit the new grid.

TMLFAN4LIFE -> RE: calendar (12/6/2017 2:48:18 PM)

When you add a text box, you'll most likely find it in the center of the box. You'll have to work with the dots on the corners and edges of the box to find what works best.

For each one, click outside of the text box, then move it to a box you need the text under.


TMLFAN4LIFE -> RE: calendar (12/6/2017 2:49:46 PM)

As you see, there is flexibility for some text for each box but it depends on what you're putting in there.

Most likely no more than 3 or 4 lines of short text.

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