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Urban -> Card sizes (1/12/2018 2:02:43 PM)

HI I am a new user to this software but what i want to do is print on a piece of a4 card with 6 images to cut out like this

Can this be done ?

ellengard -> RE: Card sizes (1/12/2018 5:13:22 PM)

If you want six different images on the page, the easiest way is to open a single blank page, A4 size. Add guide lines to divide the page up into six equal parts. Add an image to each part.

Urban -> RE: Card sizes (1/12/2018 5:20:38 PM)

Yes but i want the 6 to be the same. Like when you choose the sticker template

ellengard -> RE: Card sizes (1/12/2018 10:03:35 PM)

Do a Label project. Select CUSTOM and input the appropriate numbers.

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