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TMLFAN4LIFE -> Sentiments as clip art (1/17/2018 1:03:26 PM)

When looking for new ideas for saying a message without using text boxes or using the sentiments button, I type in the word sentiments in the clip art search and this is what I found.


TMLFAN4LIFE -> RE: Sentiments as clip art (1/17/2018 1:05:33 PM)

On this particular item, I find lots of sentiments suitable for any project that you can simply cut from one project screen and paste the one you want into another project very easily using the copy and paste feature


TMLFAN4LIFE -> RE: Sentiments as clip art (1/17/2018 1:07:53 PM)

Note that the screen reflected on the first post is only a selection of what was found, you will see more choices than the screen shot posted here.

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