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HoustonTX1970 -> Labels (2/12/2018 1:27:48 PM)

Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong, it's just a little rant, I from what I'm reading on the forum I'm not alone. I have used The Print Shop for more years than I can even remember, and finally after much thought decided to 'bit the bullet' and upgrade from version 22 or 23. I have to share that it is NOT near as user-friendly, and the fact that the only help is online also makes it more so. From the stand point me being in the older generation, I sometimes now wish I had NOT upgraded. Lables are so difficult.

ellengard -> RE: Labels (2/12/2018 1:52:41 PM)

I'm going to guess from your username that you are actually much younger than I. I used version 23 for many years and it was great. Version 4.0 Labels are just as easy. It's just a different way of setting up a custom label stock.

I made some video tutorials regarding labels:

The link takes you to my Address Book instructions, and immediately below that is Mail Merging, then Creating Custom Labels.

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