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edcindee -> ruler (6/7/2018 11:16:30 AM)

How do I put the ruler on my Printmaster v8 platinum? I have gone to the view but all that comes up is a box telling me it requires 8 gb or more of memory system and do I want to proceed. When I say yes it comes up a box that says it will restart my project, I say yes, and then we start all over again. There is not drop down list that has ruler listed in it like the help screen tells me.

ellengard -> RE: ruler (6/7/2018 11:45:36 AM)

When you click on the View tab, make sure "Rulers" has a check next to it. Then you can click anywhere on the rulers to set a guide line.

Are you not getting this drop down menu?


TMLFAN4LIFE -> RE: ruler (6/8/2018 10:49:22 AM)

Smooth Canvas Rendering would enable that message. Do not enable unless you have that system memory minimum. Your projects will still print out high quality regardless of the setting.

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