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Mouset42 -> I can't print a custom evenlope (8/15/2018 9:01:58 AM)

I am new to this forum and it doesn't give good instruction on how to use
I am having problems printing a custom envelope in PS 23 and in Print shop 4 Professional

I have tried printing on two different printers

I use to use the one printer with PS 22 and it printed the custom envelope no problem I need to print
the envelopes help....

ellengard -> RE: I can't print a custom evenlope (8/15/2018 2:46:04 PM)

Is your OS Win 10? I don't think PS23 is 100% compatible with Win 10. I will try to duplicate your custom envelope with my PS 4.0, to see what's up. What are your envelope dimensions?

Also, there's a little test you can do. Save your custom envelope as PDF. If the PDF prints correctly, then it's likely there is a printer compatibility issue with the program. Often, installing the most current printer driver for your OS will solve the problem.

ellengard -> RE: I can't print a custom evenlope (8/15/2018 3:08:18 PM)

Also, please specify: Does the envelope not print at all or does it print misaligned?

I made a custom envelope in PS 4.0 (9"x6"). It printed fine when I set my printer to the same custom size. When I left it at "letter", my envelope prints in the middle of letter size paper.

JasonC -> RE: I can't print a custom evenlope (8/16/2018 8:19:25 AM)

The saving of the project as a PDF is suggested to work around this issue if it does indeed work. Unfortunately as ellengard elaborated, this program is not completely compatible with Windows 10 and when new updates arise, it may break compatibility. If you can post the dimensions of your envelope, the community may be able to help you design your envelope.

JasonC -> RE: I can't print a custom evenlope (8/16/2018 8:27:55 AM)

If something is not printing right, click on Print and then Setup. This would make the options for your printer appear. You can adjust the options you like until you find something that works.


JasonC -> RE: I can't print a custom evenlope (8/16/2018 8:30:32 AM)

If you know your envelopes dimensions and it's not printing right, you can use the advanced setup here in Print Shop 23 to adjust the settings to compensate for the off center or incorrect printing.


brownlaur57 -> RE: I can't print a custom evenlope (7/19/2022 4:48:58 AM)

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candyclass -> RE: I can't print a custom evenlope (7/27/2022 3:21:35 AM)

The instruction with some pictures is quite difficult to follow. However, thanks for sharing it.
LOL Beans

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