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Message -> Change font for date (1/9/2019 11:40:47 AM)

I can currently change font and color for the date number one day at a time. There is a option to "select all" but that feature doesn't seem to work. How do I change the font/color for the date number thruout the calendar?

DEJenc3 -> RE: Change font for date (1/9/2019 1:52:07 PM)

For CC12 try this: Right-click in an empty date box and choose Properties. You should be at the Style tab. You'll see a drop-down box for "Set properties of." Change the drop-down from Current Cell to just Cell. Now go up to the font size and change it to what you want, and change the color, the box at right. Click OK. This should change the font for all the cells.

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