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blcain -> PM 15 (1/29/2019 6:33:03 PM)

Just wondering if this forum is still alive.

I have PM Platinum 15 that has been om my win 10 computer since 10 came out. Now, for some reason, --maybe due to windows update??-- the program will no longer load and run.

The disk says platinum 15 however, when I check the properties on the .exe file I find it is version So, what version is it 15 or 5??

I can't for the life of me figure out these version numbers.

I need a version of PrintMaster that will work in windows 10 and be able to read the files created in "15". I have e-mailed tech support several times and get many different version numbers but no real answers.

Thanks for any help

Bill Cain

ellengard -> RE: PM 15 (1/29/2019 8:24:05 PM)

Yes, it was a matter of time before PM 15 would no longer work on Win 10. I think PM 15 was technically supported on Win XP and Vista.

Unfortunately, the Win 10 version of PrintMaster (powered by StoryRock) cannot open any of your version 15 projects.

I don't know what that version number ( means, but since your disk says "15", that's what I would believe. Version 5.0 was released in 2012 and is powered by StoryRock, so I'm sure that is NOT what you have.

If it is absolutely essential that you be able to open some of your projects, you will need to find someone who has an older operating system who can install PM 15. Then you would need to export those projects as JPG, at high res. That will allow you to continue working on those projects by importing the JPG into any new desktop publishing program you choose to buy.

blcain -> RE: PM 15 (2/2/2019 1:26:22 PM)

Thanks for the reply. The wife has been using PM since 2009 and we have a "TON" of projects she wants to save. I have an older Win 7 system that I installed 15-upgraded to 16 - on. Moved all the projects from multiple locations including CD's to this systems drive D.
This system will only be used for Desk Top Publishing and will not be on the internet so I won't have to worry about 7 being garbaged up by MS.
Guess my problem is solved.
Thanks again...

ellengard -> RE: PM 15 (2/2/2019 2:58:26 PM)


ORIGINAL: blcain
...I have an older Win 7 system that I installed 15-upgraded to 16 - on...will not be on the internet so I won't have to worry about 7 being garbaged up by MS.
Guess my problem is solved.
Thanks again...

Yep, problem solved!

TMLFAN4LIFE -> RE: PM 15 (2/9/2019 12:11:21 PM)

Just a little bit of advice, on Windows 10, if you were using v5, v6 ,v7, v8 2011, 2012 on Windows 10, and it works but does not work anymore after the update, you need to remove the program by right clicking on the Windows Start button and then click on Apps and Features.

Then, on your C Drive , you can go to C:\Users\Public and delete a folder called Story Rock.

Then, empty the recycle bin, restart your computer and reinstall from the original installation media.

Please note these programs are very much unsupported by our Technical Support department and you're using these programs at your own leisure.

For other programs that are 18.1 and their variants, there is a tool called the NET Framework Cleanup Tool where you are supposed to use it after uninstalling an older program, and then restart your computer and reinstall the program.

This tool has a link somewhere on our site for instructions on The Print Shop 23.1 but should work for version 18.1 or older.

Very much unsupported but can give some kind of hope to continuing to use an older program. I suggest if you are not too computer savvy to have a friend who is savvy with computers to help you.

We're always running some kind of sales now and then so please feel free to call our Sales line at 1-800-395-0277 to see what kinds of deals we have.

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