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JasonC -> Calendar Creator 12.2 and Moon Phases (6/8/2019 9:30:31 PM)

We understand that our users would like moon phases for past certain years and or dates. However in this release, we currently do not have this built in.

If a user would like to create this, I would be happy to review its functionality and see if we can get it hosted as a download on the support site.

Please send me a message if you have a created file and I will get in touch with you to review it.

Also note that sending me a file is not a guarantee that we will make it available on the site but we'll review it.

MSGUSA -> RE: Calendar Creator 12.2 and Moon Phases (7/25/2019 7:30:40 PM)

Hello JasonC,

I'm the one who was discussing the moon phases expiring at the end of this year in Calendar Creator 12.2 with David, a link to the thread is below:헡

I can't speak for others, but even though I recently purchased Calendar Creator 12.2 I would gladly purchase a 12.3 version if it contained an UPDATED (next 10-years or more) moon phase database, and add the option to have the program open in whatever "zoom" it was at when closed.

Except for those two issues, I'm very happy to see the new Calendar Creator version (12.2) that works with Windows 10. Everything else seems to be working properly including importing older files created in previous versions.



P.S. It would be icing on the cake if the 12.3 version had the option to use a moon phase "GRAPHIC" like most modern calendars do instead of the current displaying of the WORDS "Full", "First Quarter" etc.

DEJenc3 -> RE: Calendar Creator 12.2 and Moon Phases (7/25/2019 10:49:14 PM)

Those are all valid improvements needed in Calendar Creator, and I hope the developers will take note.

JasonC -> RE: Calendar Creator 12.2 and Moon Phases (7/26/2019 9:04:31 AM)

Oh yes, these are I agree with David!

We're always looking to improve.

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